Sunday, July 5, 2009

Malaysia: Produce High Quality Products

Our respectable Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad once said in his 2004 budget speech (source: the following:-
We can only compete with the advanced economies, if we produce high quality products on a large-scale basis. As such, our producers must be bold in undertaking ventures to produce high quality products on a large-scale for the world market.

He also continued to report that SMIs can contribute to economic growth. They also have the potential to produce high quality and value-added products, which can be exported. A strategic direction for the development of SMIs must be formulated not only to enable them to be the backbone of large industries but also able to export their own products abroad..... The Government through SIRIM will also identify R&D requirements based on market demand and match them with R&D capacity in universities and research institutions. As this represents a long-term investment in developing our local technology to produce high quality Malaysian brands, the Government will provide adequate funds for this purpose. The nation has the expertise and capacity to undertake R&D to meet market demand.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Malaysia technology related topics

Due to rapid advancement in technology, today’s manufacturing environment is increasingly becoming more competitive than ever. Manufacturers need to stay focused on finding new ways to design, produce, sell and deliver products. The challenge every manufacturer would face is to maintain high quality products at competitive prices. Having said that, the fact still remains that every product has its price.

The industry no doubt can be affected by lower or lowest priced products that in actual reality may only offer mediocre quality and security is at risk too. Today's companies are demanding better and or best, reliable product quality and after-sales support system, all in all are priceless. Wise clients are aware that equipment downtime can affect productivity. Good clients with good corporate management would take serious note on using only highest quality (branded) products, readily available consultations, and after-sales onsite or support via online.